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FEBRUARY 26, 2023 (Saturday)

Required to take class.    Beekeepers with 3 years minimum beekeeping experience and minimum of 4 working hives.

Advanced Course:   This is an intense Beekeeping class that will be focusing on what you should be doing for sucessful beekeeping practices from todays class until your final mite treatments.  This will be using my 45 years of experience and sharing this knowledge in a way that you will want to go home and start working your bees in a way that will have you produce more honey, have healthier bees,  have gentler bees because they are not sick, have healthy bees so they go into the fall strong and have minimum of mites going into winter so next year your bees will grow quickly and produce even more honey.  This class will be using science combined with experience and common sense.  Well worth the class for those that want to reduce your losses and increase your honey production each year.

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